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Why you should watch "The Good Place"

Have you seen The Good Place? It's an NBC comedy that wrapped up its fourth and final season earlier this year. It's been a while since I've done a media review (and coincidentally, I just finished watching through this one), and I think this show is important for a lot of reasons. And yes, it is on Netflix.

The Good Place is a show about the afterlife. Not the afterlife as we know it (there are some serious theological disconnects with Catholicism, so maybe skip this one if you have difficulty separating comedy from practical theology), but the afterlife nonetheless. In the opening episode, we're told that every major religion got about 5% of what happens after we die correct.

In a great example of the show's quirky humor, we're also told that a college kid named Doug Forcett actually guessed about 92% of the afterlife one fateful evening. He's revered in "The Good Place" (the show's version of heaven) as the man with the closest guess in all huma