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Made For More

Is it just me, or does it feel like Lent has been going on for about a year now? It feels like just yesterday I was writing a post about how Lent 2020 snuck up on us. How little we knew back then. Who could have imagined what 2020 would bring us?

In many ways, we have been in an "extended Lent" since last March. As we come up on a year of this pandemic in the United States (with hope on the horizon in the form of vaccines and steadily declining cases), we reflect on what it's been like. We can't deny that pandemic life and Lenten life are pretty similar!

Lent is a time of sacrifice. A time of solitude. A time for introspection. A time for self-denial. Sounds pretty similar to what we've all been dealing with during Covid, right? We have all had to sacrifice, to be alone, and to look inward. It feels like Lent never ended! What are we supposed to do now that it's starting back up again?