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Music Ministry

Christian musicians are called to draw others to Christ through the beauty of music. The Church has amassed a treasury of sacred music over the centuries, and the Saint Bridget of Sweden Parish Music Ministry utilizes both new and old music from this treasury each and every week. Since every Mass participates in the eternal, heavenly liturgy, we strive to provide liturgical music that is worthy of this great calling.

We serve both parishioners and visitors by enhancing the prayer of our parish with song. We plan music that not only encourages participation, but also elevates our hearts and minds to heaven.

We also serve our music ministry volunteers by helping them develop their God-given gifts and talents. Through our rehearsal process, we not only refine our art in service of the Church, but we also prepare our hearts, minds, and voices to enter into the holy sacrifice of the Mass.

Join Us! 


Our music ministry is growing, and we are saving a seat for you! If you like to sing and feel called to share your gift, please contact us to get involved! No prior musical experience is necessary. ​


Please contact Bryan Niedermayer at

why join the choir?

10. To make it official! You already sing at Mass each week (right?). Why not join the group that leads the singing?
9. To receive expert vocal coaching.
8. To better understand the Church calendar and the liturgical seasons.
7. To deepen your understanding of the sacred words of the Mass.
6. To (re)connect with your parish community.
5. To enjoy the beauty of music and then to share that beauty with our wonderful parish family.
4. To create warm, lasting friendships with like-minded individuals.
3. To offer the commitment as a sacrifice to God.
2. To deepen and reinvigorate your faith.
1. To answer God’s call to serve!

If you like to sing, give choir a try. You will be surprised just how rewarding it is! You won’t be the only new person there. You will find your niche in our friendly, welcoming group. Join us and find out why people just like you have found choir to be such a meaningful part of their lives!
Contact Bryan Niedermayer at for more information!

Meet The Choir Directors

Screenshot 2022-08-22 094535.png

Bryan Niedermayer

Director of Music

Our Director of Music oversees the Saint Bridget of Sweden parish music program, plays the organ for parish Masses, and directs the Parish and Children's Choirs.


Alan Smith

Contemporary Choir Director

Alan Smith directs the Contemporary Choir at the 4:00 pm Saturday Mass at Saint Bridget Church.


Parish Choir

Saint Bridget Church

10:30 AM

Our Parish Choir sings from the Church's treasury of sacred music each Sunday. Join this group if you would like to sing beautiful choral music that will nourish you musically and spiritually. No prior musical experience is necessary. Bryan can help you make the most of the instrument that God gave you!

We meet at 10:00 am each week just prior to the 10:30 am Mass to review music and warm up. The Parish Choir sings for 10:30 am Mass weekly, and for special occasions, such as the Parish Picnic, Christmas, & Holy Week

For more information, please contact Bryan at

Contemporary Choir

Saint Bridget Church

Vigil 4:00 PM

Our Contemporary Choir is a vibrant group that plays and sings for the 4:00 pm Mass at Saint Bridget Church


For more information, please contact our director Alan Smith at

Resurrection Choir

Saint Bridget Church

Our Resurrection Choir is an "on-call" choir for funerals. Choir members will be contacted as soon as arran

Children's Choir

Saint Bridget Church

Parish Picnic, Christmas, & Easter

The Children's Choir is for children in grades 2-8. We sing for special occasions like the Parish Picnic, Christmas, and Easter. Please contact Bryan at for more information.

Youth Choir

Saint Bridget Church

4 PM, September-May

The Youth Choir is for young people from middle school through college and is a wonderful opportunity for our youth to contribute their vocal and instrumental talents to the Mass! Please join us in praying and singing at our 4pm Mass.

For more information, please contact our director, Bryan at

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