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Take me to Church

For all who didn't see it, the Archdiocese of Hartford put out a "trailer" for the reintroduction of public masses last week! I'll link the video from their Facebook page below. It was well-made, and it's worth the watch (it's only about a minute and a half). This is something I've been yearning for since this pandemic began. For many of us, few things have been harder during this pandemic than missing mass for such a long time. But mass is finally on the horizon, so what do we do now?

At the end of the video, the Archdiocese announces that guidelines for the reintroduction of public masses will be released this week. We don't have the plans at the time of this writing, but keep checking St. Bridget's Facebook page and reading the bulletin for updates! Either way, the guidelines are coming. That means that we need to prepare. This is more than just being safe once we're back in the building; we need to prepare our souls to receive Christ physically after a long period without the Eucharist.