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Sun's Out, Puns Out

If you haven't noticed from the absolutely scorching temperatures we had this past weekend, summer is in full swing. I always run hot, so I've been dying (bring on the AC, please), but I'll admit that it's been nice to see the sun out more! Summer is a time for relaxing, enjoying nature, and spending time with friends. How do we do all of this given the ongoing threat of the coronavirus? Today, I want to share a few (hopefully) helpful tips on just that.

First, I want to put out there that everyone will have different levels of comfort with coronavirus and social interaction, and that's okay. It's really important that we show some compassion right now. Even as things start to open up more, we need to accept that there are some among us who just won't be comfortable going out much. We need to support them and help lift them up rather than tear them down because we're more comfortable (and/or less at-risk) than they are.

We know that the government guidelines and restrictions regarding this virus are constantly changing. These recommendations will be under the assumptions of the current guidelines (written on June 22nd, 2020). With that said, let's jump right into how to make this one of the best summers ever!

One thing I've enjoyed quite a bit during this pandemic is socially distant hangouts. You can do this in your backyard or just about anywhere outside! I've had a few friends and neighbors over to relax and shoot the breeze. We've sat at least 6 feet out and enjoyed the sunshine (and perhaps some individual snacks as well). This is a great way to connect with people whom we haven't seen since March or earlier!

I know it's not the same as "the real thing," but my guess is you haven't seen certain friends and relatives for over 3 months now! Sometimes it's really nice to just sit down with someone and catch up face-to-face, and a socially distant backyard hangout can help us do that while remaining safe! I know it sounds a little cheesy, but give it a shot. You won't regret it!

Another summer activity that isn't affected by the coronavirus is going for a drive with the windows down. There is nothing quite like hitting the road with some great tunes and even better people. Grab some ice cream with your family, go watch the sun set at a park, or just drive around for the heck of it! Someti