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How to "Empty Your Tomb"

Alleluia, He is risen! Death is defeated and the grave is no more. I hope you all had a blessed, safe, and healthy Easter Sunday. I know I was really looking forward to Easter and hoping it would shine some light on what's been an admittedly dark time for us. I felt a real spark of joy, but it's okay if you didn't! We're all handling things in our own way right now. In a way, we're all in the Tomb with Jesus.

Being in quarantine is definitely like being in the Tomb. I don't mean we're dead, so don't go calling me morbid! Think about it though, we're stuck inside, isolated, and there's probably some darkness around us. Being cooped up like this can bring out both the best and the worst in us, depending on our mental state, routine, and outlook. Times of stress and uncertainty can be especially hard on those who have mental health conditions, so let's keep them in prayer in a special way.