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What Would Others Think?

We are often driven by this question. When we are dealing with trivial things is driven from a sense of competition and we strive to have the best in order to portray a sense of perfection. When it comes to more complex situations or things outside of our control, we are often ashamed of almost being normal. We actually tend to hide those things that makes us human because of the fear of what others judgement will be towards us.

When reading today’s gospel, I continued to think Wow! Joseph was so normal! Times were different back then so it says a lot when he knew that Mary was bearing a child that wasn’t his and he was still willing to not expose her publicly. Although he was still planning to divorce her quietly, Joseph was lucky and blessed to have an angel appear to him and provide him with the most amazing news ever. Mary was bearing the most amazing gift given to us all, Jesus our savior! I think we can all say we are happy Joseph didn’t follow a different direction based on what others would think, right?

We may not be as lucky as Joseph as to have an angel appear and speak directly to us and tell us to not be ashamed of doing the right thing. We must know that if we start making God our number one priority, we will stop living with the enormous pressure of other’s opinions and start living a more fulfilled catholic life.

Carolina Ramirez-Blier, St. Bridget of Sweden Parishioner and St Bridget School Parent

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