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Dear Friends in Christ:

This past week, the State of Connecticut announced some more changes to the COVID restrictions. One of those changes involves us! The Governor announced that he is easing up on the number of people that can be gathered in a House of Worship. His plan allows for 50% capacity provided the proper social distancing can be maintained.

With that said, and after consultation with the leaders of our Parish Pastoral Council, I have decided that we will open up our Masses to 200 people right now. I know this is not 50% capacity, but in reality we cannot permit that number of people and still ensure proper social distancing. What we will do is as follows. We will open all Masses to 200 people beginning THIS WEEKEND and see how that works out for a couple of weeks. Then we will meet again and discuss whether it is possible to increase that number and still provide a safe environment for all who come to worship with our family of faith. I want more people to be togeth