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Thirty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time—November 10, 2019

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

Dear Friends in Christ:

Cheshire Lights of Hope was another success this year and we are so proud to be part of this testament of the unity in our Cheshire community. Thanks to each of those who donated to help us illuminate our properties.

On your behalf I express profound gratitude to all those who helped to illuminate our two campuses for this year’s event. I especially say thank you to Marie Jinks, Tina Poet, and Christine Rapillo who coordinated the efforts this year for our parish, and to all those who worked so hard to make the light shine on our parish properties for the Cheshire’s Lights of Hope. They were here prepping, setting up, lighting, and then, the next day, cleaning up. I am most grateful to each and every one of them. It was wonderful to see parishioners of all ages coming together to support such a great cause in our community.