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The Minority Report: Catholicism vs. Calvinism

Are you familiar with Calvinism? It's one of the tens of thousands of denominations of Protestant Christianity. Calvinists follow the theological tradition of John Calvin, a French reformer. They broke from the Catholic Church in the 1600s, and the belief most frequently linked with their brand of Christianity is Predestination.

Predestination is the idea that God "predestined" some people to be saved and others to eternal damnation. This belief holds that nothing we do can change our predestined future; in other words, nothing we do matters! Our actions in this life are completely meaningless, as God has already predetermined whether we will spend eternity in Heaven or Hell.

Yikes! Sounds like a pretty bleak worldview, right? Thankfully, we believe differently. But that worldview is central to Steven Spielberg's excellent 2002 Sci-Fi film The Minority Report. Free will vs. predestination is the central thematic confl