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Ogres Have Layers

Welcome to the first Faith in Film blog post to tackle an animated movie! That's right, folks: it's Shrek time. Shrek is, in many ways, the anti-fairy tale. It literally begins with a large, foul-mouthed ogre using a classic "prince charming rescues a princess from a tall tower with a kiss" fairy tale as a piece of toilet paper. Right from the start, you know that this isn't your usual, smarmy Disney movie (as a matter of fact, it's made by Dreamworks).

At every turn, Shrek seeks to disrupt the formula we're all so familiar with. The fact that Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy star as the voices of Shrek and Donkey, respectively, only drives home this irreverence. But peel back the top layer of Shrek (see what I did there?), and one finds a movie with a surprisingly moral message.