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November 29, 2020 - 1st Sunday of Advent

Dear Friends in Christ:

HOPE IS NEVER CANCELLED…Jesus is still coming! We chose this as our Advent theme for this year! We all need HOPE as we continue to deal with this pandemic. More and more each day I hear from people that they are experiencing the thing I call “pandemic fatigue.” We are just so tired of everything related to this pandemic. And yet we have to continue to do what we can to deal with this pandemic and the many changes it brings to our daily routines.

A pandemic does not stop us from entering into this holy season. A pandemic does not stop us from using the weeks of this holy season to prepare ourselves for the coming of Christ, both His coming at Christmas and His coming at the end of time. We have to seek ways, within the limits placed upon us due to this pandemic, to prepare our hearts and our souls for the coming of Christ.

Advent is a season that is often not given much att