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November 15, 2020 - 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear Friends in Christ:

As we continue in this Month of Remembrance I hope many of you have taken the time to visit your loved ones cemetery sites. As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, the Vatican has extended the Plenary Indulgence normally obtained from November 1 to 8 to the entire month. The necessary requirements for the Indulgence are: to visit the cemetery, have a spirit detached from sin, go to confession as soon as possible, receive the Eucharist as soon as possible, pray for the pope's intentions, and be united spiritually with all the faithful. By fulfilling these requirements, an indulgence can be obtained for our loved ones who are in Purgatory and get them closer to their entrance to the heavenly kingdom!

Perhaps you have visited our own St. Bridget Cemetery on Higgins Road and noticed some changes? As I announced in May, in the midst of the Pandemic, we had put together a New Cemetery Advisory Committee for St. Bridget Cemetery, a mission of Saint Bridget of Sweden Parish. Even during a Pandemic our new committee hit the ground running and began making improveme