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May 24, 2020 - Seventh Sunday of Easter

Dear Friends in Christ:

Happy Memorial Day…Remember what we celebrate…as we find ourselves slowly coming out of this time of self-isolation and quarantine we do so as we approach Memorial Day Weekend. Traditionally, this is a weekend when our Town of Cheshire holds a parade honoring those who served in the pursuit of peace and to ensure our freedoms. This is a holiday that is about remembering; about being grateful, and about honoring the brave men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Remember the men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice to defend of our nation, to ensure our freedoms, and in the pursuit of peace. Remember also the men and women who have gone into battle all over the world. Remember those who have suffered the ravages of war, those who suffered bodily injury, and those who continue to suffer with emotional or psychological conditions.

We express profound gratitude for the unselfish sacrifices of the men and women in our armed forces have made through the years to God, to country, and to us. We salute them. We express gratitude for those who support and aid our veterans and those who work to advocate for a greater respect for and recognition of those who have served us.

We honor those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice, who have literally laid down their lives for us, (like Someone else we know!) and we honor all those men and women who proudly bear the title Veteran who are still with us. This honor is not merely about monuments and memorials, nor simply the placing of flags in a cemetery as important as those are; this honor is about showing them the respect and support they deserve.