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May 17, 2020 - Sixth Sunday of Easter

Dear Friends in Christ:


Father, when will we be able to come to Mass in person again?

Father, any idea when you think we will start to resume having public Mass?

Father, any idea when we will be able to celebrate First Communions and Confirmations?

I am flooded with questions like this each and every day via email, texts, calls, or someone I run into at the store or post office. And it really is hard for me, not because I get bothered people are asking the questions, but because I have no answer.

You are not alone! If you have asked me one of these questions or even just thought about them yourself KNOW that you are not alone. We priests have thought about these too! We have been talking about this with one another and with other priests hoping, just hoping, maybe someone knows something we don’t and yet each time we end with “well, we will just have to wait and see.”

In the coming days and weeks as Connecticut begins the tentative baby steps of coming out of the pandemic lockdown we should know more. I do want to add caution…I know we all long for getting back to some type of “normal” whatever that may be, but as we begin to see things reopen, please remember the COVID 19 pandemic continues. The virus is still active, it is still being passed on, and people are very sick and some even dying because of it. So as we see things start to reopen let us do our part to be smart and vigilant and protect one another from this disease.

A light is beginning to be seen at the end of the tunnel…but make no mistake the end of this tunnel is by all reports months away. But we will settle for a flickering glimpse right about now, won’t we! I have no answers to the questions above, and I wish I did. I do know this; and that is, that Archbishop Blair has appointed a committee of priests to come up with recommendations as to how we can best meet the challenge of reintroducing public worship while observing all the necessary medical precautions. They are doing their homework and certainly will be seeking advice from doctors and public health officials.

So what do we know? The only thing I can say with certainty is that WHEN we do begin to open up and resume public Masses it will NOT be as if we flip a switch and all of a sudden we will be gathering just as we had before March 16th. We are going to have to take small steps toward a full reopening to ensure that we do so properly and with the health and wellbeing of everyone as the priority. We also KNOW that Archbishop Blair has already said that it is his intention “to maintain the dispensation from the Sunday obligation for everyone once we resume public worship.” He does not want someone genuinely fearful for his or her health to be troubled in conscience about their Sunday Mass attendance.

We also know that this pandemic will be an issue for us until it is resolved medically by way of a cure or a vaccine. Until then we have to be smart and we have to take precautions. We cannot ignore it. We cannot wish it were not here when we open our eyes. It is here and if we all do our part, whatever that is, to be cautious, smart, and vigilant as we move into this next month we can help to stop the spread and get us closer to the day it is no longer a pandemic.

WE WANT YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS to help us communicate important information with you in a timely manner! As I wrote about last weekend, Father Federico and I were so moved by the parade of cars who came on Good Shepherd Sunday to show your support for us during this time. Since that article I received a few emails and calls from parishioners saying if they knew about it they would have participated.

This was communicated by way of email to all those families who have given us their email. Many families when they registered in the parish over the years provided their emails, others when they got involved in a particular ministry in the parish then provided their email. IF WE DON’T HAVE YOUR EMAIL PLEASE SEND IT TO US!!! As we prepare to move into this next phase and begin to have more information regarding the resumption of public worship we will do our best to communicate that information to our families in a timely manner and having your email will help us to do so. Please send your name & email to

SAINT BRIDGET OF SWEDEN PARISH COOKBOOK 2020…as we hear from so many, this time of pandemic has been a time we are all growing in our culinary expertise. I have always enjoyed getting creative in the kitchen. I would not say I am good at it but I am a work in progress. I am also happy to report that during this time of pandemic Father Federico has begun to test the waters in the kitchen and truth be told it has been good! Laughing out loud. If you have tuned in to our Casual Conversations live from our living room on Saturdays you probably have noticed that a lot of inquiries have been made about what we have eaten, what we have cooked, and a cooking challenge has even arisen from these discussions with myself and Mrs. Nott, Sixth Grade Teacher in St. Bridget School and Parish Cantor. That is yet to be scheduled but will be when it is safe to do so! The question is whose meatballs are better? Should be fun!

That said, Father Federico and I thought it would be a great idea to take this time to create a Parish Cookbook with your family recipes or your favorites from this time of pandemic. I know cookbooks have been done in the past but now seems like a perfect time to create a new one for our parish family. Send us your recipes at

We are holding another poster contest! It is that time of year again when we need to prepare for our annual parish Christmas card. We are looking for children of all ages to design our parish Christmas card. Last year it was a huge hit. I heard from so many people how much they loved that we used artwork from one of our young parishioners. We invite all school-aged children to think of Christmas and send us their design. The winner’s artwork will be the cover of our parish Christmas card which is sent to all parishioners and friends of Saint Bridget of Sweden Parish. All artwork must be submitted to the rectory by June 30th for consideration! We look forward to many submissions!

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT…I have formed a New Cemetery Advisory Committee for Saint Bridget of Sweden Parish. It has been too long since the rules and regulations for St. Bridget Cemetery have been reviewed and evaluated. It has been too long since the rules and regulations have been enforced. It has been too long since we have given the proper attention to our parish cemetery. That said, I have decided to form a new Cemetery Advisory Committee to address these matters. I am pleased to report that our Parish Trustee Candy Nesbit will chair this committee. She will be assisted by four fellow parishioners Sandra Pasqualoni David, Daniel Ford from Alderson-Ford Funeral Homes, Leslie Marinaro, and Brad Zibell.

I am excited that they have all agreed to serve their parish in this way. Their first responsibility is to review and evaluate the rules and regulations for the cemetery. Once this is done, we will notify all parishioners that the rules and regulations have been updated and the date that those rules and regulations will go into effect. After this initial project, their main task will be to advise me of items and make recommendations of projects that may be needed to be completed to ensure the cemetery remains a comforting and prayerful place for all who visit. I am confident that with their advice this will be achieved.

Last Sunday, in the afternoon we were joined by singer-songwriter, and friend of Saint Bridget of Sweden Parish, Dan Ferrari. Dan provided an hour-long concert for our parish during this time of pandemic. He was awesome! He came to Saint Bridget of Sweden Parish last fall to sing at and speak at Theology on Tap and then led a mini concert for our school children the next day.

We were so pleased to invite him back for a special concert on Mother’s Day as our gift to the mothers of our parish and in gratitude for the Appreciation Parade on Good Shepherd Sunday. During the concert we also held our Parish May Crowning as we crowned the statue of our Blessed Mother which is located in the backyard of the rectory. It was a special moment as Dan played his song “Prayers to our Lady” which is the “Memorae,” the “Hail Mary,” and the “Hail, Holy Queen” set to music as one song. Thanks Dan! If you missed the concert you can watch it here:

For more information on his music you can visit his website

As always, remember to pray for our parish family and ask God’s blessings upon us all in this time of pandemic. With the gracious intercession of Saint Bridget of Sweden, our Patroness, may we be united with one another in prayer! Please pray for me and know that I am praying for you! Continued prayers for you all to know and experience the joy, the peace, and the hope of the Risen Christ!

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