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June 12, 2020 - 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear Friends in Christ:

It was a phenomenal feeling last weekend to be able to welcome home those who came to Mass. Since March 15th we had not been together for Sunday Mass. I have to tell you what an amazing feeling it was to have a schedule of Masses WITH PEOPLE!!! If I am honest I was a bit tired Sunday afternoon but it was worth it. I am so excited that we are returning to somewhat of a “normal” schedule. As you know I am very structured and for the past almost four months it has been a struggle to not have a regular schedule.

THANK YOU to the Saint Bridget of Sweden Parish Pastoral Council and the countless volunteers who are welcoming our parishioners as they arrive, ensuring that those who enter our spiritual home are familiar with the safety protocols and guidelines of the Archdiocese, and then after Mass assist in sanitizing the church so we are ready for the next Mass. It really has been an experience to see (and sometimes hear) people reconnecting after all these weeks. It warms the heart to see how excited people are to be back in the church and, once again, to receive the Eucharist.