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Joy and Sandals

As I was reflecting on the readings for today, I kept going back to the Alleluia –

“Raise your voice and tell the Good News”

Behold, the Lord comes with power.”

In the first reading the Prophet Isaiah lays it all out for us. He explains just who God is and how we must respond to Him.

God is “the Lord, there is no other.” He is the Creator of all things, the ONLY just and saving God.

Our response to this loving and just Creator, Designer of the earth, the place designed to be lived in- not to be a waste, should be to turn to Him and be safe. Every knee should bend and every tongue proclaim His name.

All we need to do is simply look around us to see His power and majesty. I left the house very early this morning. As I was driving through the deserted streets, above the houses I was able to view the most beautiful sunrise. The sky in varying shades of pinks and purples was not only a gift but a wonderful reminder of the extraordinary world God has given us, certainly not a wasteland! Something that urges us to proclaim the Good News to others.

Even with beautiful sunrises and sunsets, sometimes, like John the Baptist, we ask “Are you the one who is to come, or should we look for another?”

During Advent, as we prepare for the coming of the One that John the Baptist feels unworthy to “Loose the thongs of His sandals” we need to set aside the commercial trappings and gifts of Christmas and try to focus on the best gift we could ever receive – Jesus, our Lord and Savior.

Once we have received this gift what are we to do with it? As the Alleluia proclaims “Raise your voice and tell the Good News.” We must proclaim the Goods News by the way we live. Let people see that we work for justice and equality, speak only the truth and treat all people with kindness. Live out the message of JOYJesus first, Others second and Yourself last. This is the way we can show the world that we have listened to the message of Jesus and know Him to be the Son of the Most High, the one the world of John’s time was waiting for. The One whose return we anxiously await.

Donna Yatcko

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