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Jesus' Blood Type

Did you know that the Church has an official position on Jesus' blood type? It's true! Some of the greatest miracles we've ever witnessed have been Eucharistic Miracles, and that's where we're looking today. Let's travel back in time to the 8th Century, to the city of Lanciano, Italy...

Sometime during the 700s, a Basilian priest was saying Mass, privately, at the monastery of St. Longinus. At the same time, he was struggling with doubting the transubstantiation of the bread and wine into the true Body and Blood of Christ. As he held the gifts aloft and spoke the Words of Consecration ("This is my Body...This is my Blood"), the bread and wine miraculously changed into living flesh and blood.

Obviously, this priest's claims could not be allowed to spread without proper investigation. The Church has continued to investigate this miracle for centuries as science and technology have advanced. In 1574, the flesh and blood (which remained preserved and undecayed) were examined by Archbishop Antonio Gaspar Rodriguez, who believed them to be authentic.

Perhaps most impressively, the specimens were re-examined in 1971 by Odoardo Linoli, a scientist and former head of a Pathological Lab. He determined that the flesh and blood were human cardiac tissue of the blood type AB, and that there was no evidence of preservatives used.

The Catholic Church proclaims this as a Eucharistic Miracle, and believes the flesh and blood that the bread and wine changed into to be the true Body and Blood of Christ. Therefore, the Church professes that Jesus Christ's blood type was AB! Bet you never thought you'd hear that one, huh?

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