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February 23, 2020 - 7th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear Friends in Christ:

As I gave the Annual Parish Report last weekend I was acutely aware of all that God continues to do to guide us on this pilgrim journey. God has indeed blessed us with the gift of faith, and, as a parish family, has blessed us with so many parishioners who are ready and willing to give of their time, talent, and treasure to further the mission of the Church and to strengthen our parish family. I mean it when I said I am in awe at what God accomplishes in the lives of His people here in our parish family.

This past Monday evening, after a regular meeting of the Parish Pastoral Council, I made my way down to the Parish Center to hear a little bit of the presentation from Maria Tomasetti, Regional Director of Alzheimer’s Association, on Living with Dementia: Middle Stage Caregiver three-part series. She was speaking about the confusion at various times in dealing with those with dementia and the need to continue to connect with those we love who are experiencing dementia. It was really good to hear her share from her own experience with her father things that she tried that worked in helping to stay connected to him as he progressed through the various stages. She is coming back for the third part this Monday at 7PM on Day Services, In-Home Care Services, Senior Living Options, and Caregiver Needs.

HAPPIEST CONGRATULATIONS to Ann Smialek who on March 22nd will be presented the Saint Joseph Archdiocesan Medal of Appreciation at the Cathedral for her many years of service to our parish family. This medal goes to a person, or married couple, who has given particular devotion and service to the parish over many years. Ann has certainly done that. She has given of her time, her talent, and her treasure in a variety of ways to our parish family and for that we thank her and are pleased to recognize her with this Medal of Appreciation.

Ann has been an active member of our parish family for many years. She is always ready and willing to help out when called upon in any capacity. Ann constantly serves our parish and community. She coordinates, for years now, our Monday night Rosary Group, she helped to establish the monthly Children’s Rosary, and she leads the rosary each Saturday before the Vigil Mass at Saint Thomas Becket Church. She serves our parish as an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion