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Ask Father: Three Days of Darkness?

Dear Father: There has been a lot of talk on YouTube on the “Three Days of Darkness” and regulations as to how to prepare for it. Can you talk about this ?

Dear friend in Christ,

I hadn’t heard about the “Three Days of Darkness.” I looked into it and here’s what I found.

The “Three Days of Darkness” is an end-times prophecy which has been announced by some of the mystics and prophets of the Church. As the name suggests, the prophecy refers to a three-day period in which the earth will be darkened and the world will be shaken by natural disasters. The prophecy suggests that all light sources will not work except blessed candles.

Because this prophecy is a matter of private revelation, it is not necessary that Catholics believe in it.

However, whether or not the end comes about in this manner, the general message of the Three Days of Darkness is true and urgent: namely, all people need to be prepared to meet God. This means being in a state of grace by going to Confession, doing penance for our sins and offering sacrifice for the conversion of those we love who are living apart from the Church.

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