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Ask Father: Guardian Angels

Dear Father: We have been taught our whole lives that we have a guardian angel. What happens to that angel if we are killed in a car accident or even by gunfire? Does that guardian angel die with us?

Dear friend in Christ,

Great question! No, angels do not die. The good angels will exist forever in Heaven and the fallen angels or demons will exist forever in Hell. The same is true for human beings: those who die in a state of grace (friendship with God) will live forever in Heaven. Those who die in a state of mortal sin will spend eternity in Hell.

When we die (no matter how it happens), our guardian angel returns to Heaven to do what everyone does there: enjoy God, explore Him, celebrate with each other and worship. We can imagine that our guardian will be one of the first to welcome us to the Banquet which never ends. We will see our guardian ‘face to face’ and learn all the ways in which we were assisted by this magnificent being throughout our lifetime.

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