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April 19, 2020 - Divine Mercy Sunday

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ:

HAPPY EASTER! As we celebrate the eighth day of Easter, I take this opportunity to remind us all that we celebrate the joy of the Resurrection of Jesus for the entire 50 days of Easter! We continue to bask in the glory of what we celebrated last weekend, namely, that Jesus Christ has Risen from the Dead. So, once again, Happy Easter!

Easter this year was different to say the least. From the many people I have heard from whether by phone, text, email, or a note in the mail, it is clear we all experienced a different kind of Easter celebration than ever before. This year there was a strangeness surrounding Easter. Things were unusually quiet. We could not celebrate as we “normally” would have. Families could not gather for an Easter meal. Kids could not be seen playing in yards with their extended family and friends as they have in the past. It felt strange.

For us, your priests, it was no different. We could not gather with family and friends to