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Apologetics 101: St. Bridget of Sweden

As we celebrate her feast day on June 23, let’s learn more about the incredible life of our patroness Saint Bridget of Sweden!

· She was born to a Swedish royal family in 1303.

· Bridget was 10 years old when she had a vision of Jesus being crucified. He spoke to her from the Cross. She asked “who has done this to You, my Lord?” He said, “those who despise My love for them.”

· She was married with eight children, one of whom became a saint - Saint Catherine of Sweden!

· After her husband of 28 years, Ulf, died she sold all her possessions and founded a religious order known today as the Bridgettines.

· But as soon as the order was approved, the Lord called her to Rome to serve the victims of the plague and urge the Pope to return the Papacy back to the Eternal City.

o Saint Bridget can relate to those who feel confused about the direction the Lord is taking them!

· Jesus revealed to Saint Bridget that He suffered 5,480 wounds during His Passion.

o He gave her 15 prayers to say each day, which, when said over the course of a year, will make atonement for each one of His Wounds.

· She died in Rome on July 23, 1373. Her body was carried all the back to Sweden, where she is buried in the monastery she founded.

· Saint Bridget was declared a saint not long after her death and is the co-patroness of Europe.

If you want to make atonement for each of the 5,840 wounds that Jesus suffered during His Passion, here is the link to the prayers He gave to Saint Bridget:

“Love Me with all your heart since, I, who created you, did not spare any of My limbs in suffering for your sake! Yet, I love your soul so dearly that, rather than losing you, I would let Myself be crucified again.” – the words of Jesus to Saint Bridget

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