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Apologetics 101: Spiritual Checklist

In emergency situations, like storms and power outages, the authorities issue lists of essentials for staying safe. There are essential elements to not only survive, but thrive in the spiritual life. Which of these do you need to grow in?

1. The Mass

a. The Mass is the source and the summit of our faith

b. Receiving Jesus in the Eucharist is the most important thing we can do

c. Try to go more often than just on Sunday if you are able to

2. Eucharistic Adoration

a. Adoration flows from the Mass and helps us enter more fully into it

b. This is a great way to answer Christ’s plea in His Agony, “Could you not spend one hour with me?”

3. Prayer

a. Spending dedicated time in quiet prayer is essential to growing spiritually

b. Helps us get to know Jesus and become more like him

c. Start with 10 minutes of conversing with Jesus