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Apologetics 101: Our Lady of Guadalupe

Father and Victoria share their favorite mind-blowing facts about this famous Marian apparition:

· Our Lady of Guadalupe is the only Marian apparition in which the Blessed Mother is visibly pregnant!

· The number of people who converted to the Catholic faith after the apparition (nine million Aztecs with seven years) was almost identical to the number who left the faith in the Protestant reformation!

· The tilma on which the image is seen is made of coarse, rough material completely unsuitable for painting. It is virtually impossible that such a precise image who have remained intact for centuries!

· Scientists cannot locate one single brush stroke in the entire image. It is more like a photograph than anything else, which did not exist in 1531!

· The Blessed Mother appears to have two different skin tones when seen from up close and far away – scientists have no way to explain this!

· Some of the best artists in the world have made reproductions of the image of Our Lady and were kept in the same conditions as the original. The copies deteriorated within a few years while the original is still in pristine condition, even though it was exposed to the air and the public for 116 years without any covering!

· The tilma somehow always keeps a constant temperature of 98.6 degrees – the average temperature of a human being!

· The tilma depicts a woman who is quite close to giving birth. It was unveiled on December 9, about two weeks from the birth of Christ at Christmas!

· And the most mind-blowing fact of all. When scientists zoomed in on the eyes of Our Lady at 2500 times magnification, they were able to see 13 figures in what appears to be a snapshot of the exact moment Juan Diego first opened the tilma to his Archbishop!

For more incredible facts about Our Lady of Guadalupe, please see:

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