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Apologetics 101: Looking Back at Our Year Together

As we begin to say goodbye to Victoria, we look back at memories from this series - some silly, some sentimental and all in pursuit of Jesus.

● The Bell - we used to ring this at the beginning and end of episodes when we were working from home. No idea why!

● CS Lewis - the patron saint of Apologetics 101. We used his insights all the time.

● The Statue of Jesus which Victoria Broke - Fr. Federico reminded our viewers a lot about how it was damaged :)

● Our Cartoon Logo from Victoria’s friend.

● One thing we learned from working with the other:

○ Victoria - Complementarity

■ God intended for there to be an authentic complementarity and partnership between men and women (not just for those who are married!). Working with Fr. Federico has been a beautiful experience of this Divine plan. It has taught me more about how men and women can learn from each other and help each other in our pursuit of holiness.

○ Fr. Federico - The Power of Littleness

■ Victoria has shown me that the way to God’s heart is through accepting our smallness, confidence, and trust. (She says “mission accomplished”!)

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