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Apologetics 101: Lectio Divina

Learn how to read the Bible like the saints did! It’s called lectio divina, which means “divine reading.”

· Lectio is a way of inviting God to speak us as we read the Scriptures.

· The Bible is where God usually speaks the most. Unfortunately, most Catholics neglect the Word of God and when they do read it – they read it the way we read a textbook or newspaper article.

· But don’t fear! Lectio will teach us how to hear from God in a more vivid and clear way. Here’s the process:

1) Greet God and believe that He wants to speak to you.

o We need to believe that God loves to speak to us, like a Father, and that He is always speaking us, not just to certain ‘holy’ people.

o Remember, Jesus said “I have so much more to tell you.” (John 16:12)

2) Read a passage from Scripture – SLOWLY

o Start in the Gospels. Pick a chapter or one small paragraph.

o Read it slowly two or three times, not trying to force anything.

o Just pay attention.

o A word or phrase will jump out at you. It will strike you in a different way.


· This is the word or phrase that Holy Spirit wants to use to speak to you.

3) Put the Bible down and meditate on that word or phrase

o Chew on it, contemplate it, imagine it.

o Say it over and over again out loud

o Don’t try to force anything, allow that word or phrase to saturate your mind.

o The Holy Spirit will then reveal what He wants to say or show you, usually in the form of images or memories or by making use of your imagination.

4) Respond!

o Discuss what you learned with the Holy Spirit.

o Ask questions.

o Make a resolution of how to apply what you have been given to your life.

5) Rest in God

o Spend a few minutes luxuriating in God’s presence.

o You don’t need to say or do anything. Enjoy the God who is enjoying you.

o Finish your lectio divina by thanking God for how He has loved you through the Scriptures.

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