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Apologetics 101: Apostolic Succession

What is Apostolic Succession? As Catholics we believe that at the Last Supper when Christ instituted the Eucharist, He also instituted the first Apostles as priests of the New Testament. Through the laying on of hands, Ordination, the bishops down the centuries have received their commission in unbroken sequence for two thousand years. The bishops in unity with the Pope have been given the mission to teach and guard the faith entrusted to the Apostles. Through the Holy Spirit, we believe that the same mission given to St. Peter, as the first Pope, and St. Paul as an Apostle in the Early Church is being carried on faithfully and continuously by the bishops and priests ordained today. This unity of faith across time assures us that the faith and Church we profess is the true Church, which Christ promised He would be built on the rock, St. Peter.

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