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All We Need is Faith

Today’s readings bring us the stories of the birth of Samson and John and are precursors to the angel Gabriel’s visit to Mary. Unlike Mary and even Elizabeth, his wife, Zechariah has doubts about the angel Gabriel’s news that Elizabeth, advanced in years, will bear a son and he will be named John.

Zechariah’s lack of faith results in him being unable to speak. He regains his speech only after John is born and he believed. Contrast this with Mary’s response of “I am the handmaid of the Lord, let it be done to me according to your word.

Who are we more like, Zechariah or Mary? If we are steadfast in our faith, we are more like Mary. My guess is many of us are more like Zechariah, questioning many things involved in our Catholic life. Every day we should strive to be more like Mary.

As humans, we believe we must understand everything exactly as it is. What we really need is FAITH. Unlike Zechariah, we must believe, not because we understand every aspect of our life, but because we trust in God.

From this day forward – TRUST IN GOD

Jim MItchell

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