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Fear Does Not Have the Final Say

If we were to give into the feeling of fear and panic sweeping our country and world right now, nobody would blame us. It is undeniable that during this time of pandemic, we all know someone who has been or currently is afraid (and perhaps that person is you). Maybe we aren’t afraid of the virus itself, but we find ourselves afraid for the health of our loved ones, or afraid of this new normal we seem to be establishing and the long-term effects it may have, or for the innocence of our children.

When Mary is told that she is to be the Mother of the Son of the Most High, she is “greatly troubled”. Just like Mary, our hearts may currently carry the heavy burden of feeling “greatly troubled”. The angel Gabriel’s message to Mary to not be afraid is a message that couldn’t be any more relevant to our current experience. After first hearing the news that she will conceive and bear Jesus, Mary is in a state of questioning, wondering “how can this be?” How many times has our world echoed this very question since the start of Covid-19, asking ourselves, “how can this be?”. To her questioning, Gabriel responds with comfort for our grea