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Kids don’t worry. Adults worry.

Jesus tells us today that the Father hides Himself from those who put their trust in their education, position, status, competencies and success. These are the modern-day “wise and learned.” These folks are dependent on themselves. No wonder we often wonder why we don’t experience God or sense His presence; we have turned too inward and become too focused on ourselves.

Instead, the Father delights in revealing Himself to the “childlike” – those who know they are completely and totally dependent on God. To be a child in the spiritual sense means escaping this self-dependency which cripples the life of grace in the soul. Instead, to be a child means to be reliant, small, tranquil, open, precocious, curious and most of all – dependent.

A small child is entirely dependent on others for life and health and wellbeing. This is how we should be in the spiritual life as well. So this Advent, let’s focus on being kids again.

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