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April 12, 2020 - Easter Sunday

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ:

CANCELLED…we are hearing this word a lot these days, aren’t we? So much has been “cancelled” due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, and rightfully so, to enable us to stop the spread of this virus. It is appropriate to cancel large gatherings, to cancel meetings that are not essential, and to cancel the normal activities of daily life as we know it. Cancelling so much, while important, is uncomfortable. This we are learning.

Some headlines in the past couple of weeks even went so far as to announce EASTER IS CANCELLED. What? Did I read that correct? Is that possible? Well not exactly. We CANNOT and WILL NOT cancel Easter! But we will have to adapt to learning a new way to mark this significant FEAST.

You see we may not be able to do our “normal” activities to mark this most significant Feast but we can find ways to still celebrate! EASTER IS NOT CANCELLED! Jesus Christ is Risen from the dead! ALLELUIA!

We will NOT gather together physically in our churches, but we WILL gather together spiritually using the tools of today as we livestream the Easter Mass on Sunday at 11AM from Saint Bridget Church.

We will NOT be able to travel to see family and friends for our Easter visit to share time, fellowship, and, of course, an Easter meal.

We will NOT come to an Easter Bunny Breakfast or participate in the annual Easter Egg Hunt but we can find ways with our own families to let the children have some fun as they celebrate Easter.

This year more than any other in my life and perhaps yours we need to hear those words of life and hope, Jesus Christ is Risen! He is triumphant over sin and death! I imagine we are not that much unlike the early disciples. They had their hopes ruined when Jesus was put to death. They gave into fear and despair and found themselves locked behind closed doors to avoid being next brought to crucifixion.